Numerous questions, numerous responses - the KFV clarifies crucial concerns about driving legal rights, driver coaching, appropriate actions as an accident witness and other present issues in the ongoing Corona crisis.

*** Attention: The legal circumstance described is legitimate until April 04, 2020. On April fourteen, 2020, new actions will appear into drive, which we will report independently listed here. ***

Vienna, April 7, 2020. The present situation turns our globe as we know it upside down and has much-achieving outcomes across all areas of life. Associated with this are numerous concerns about the permitted behavior all around the use of vehicles. Must or can I generate my automobile with a protecting mask? Can I drive a motor vehicle when I am in quarantine? Can I currently have my motor vehicle fixed in the workshop? What must I do if the time limit for driving authorization expires shortly? The KFV seemed at these and comparable inquiries in detail. “Especially in the recent predicament, the pursuing also applies: Not everything that is legally permitted ought to also be exhausted. We strongly advise you to make mindful, effectively-considered decisions and to refrain from needless journeys in case of doubt, ”said Dr. Armin Kaltenegger, Head of Regulation & Standards in the KFV.

Corona: FAQs about autos

Protective masks

Do I have to put on a protective mask in the vehicle? For all automobile occupants?
There is no obligation to do this, neither for motorists nor for passengers. Nonetheless, putting on protective masks in the car can be an benefit when transporting travellers.
Need to or might I drive a car with a protecting mask?
It is not required but also not prohibited as lengthy as the mask does not impair the check out.
Do taxi motorists and their passengers have to wear protecting masks?
There is no legal obligation, but in exercise a great deal of taxi drivers do.

Do police officers have to wear a protecting mask when examining the automobile?
Given that April 1, 2020, police officers in Austria have only been carrying out formal functions with protective masks. kn95 respirator applies to the performance of the patrol services and also to the get together visitors in the police inspections.
Maintenance, procedure, repairs, stickers, motor vehicle purchases….

Can I fix my automobile in the workshop or have a support carried out?
Nevertheless, automobiles that are urgently necessary for supply may be favored.
Can I have tires modified in the workshop?
This must be clarified with the respective workshop. It should be famous that the workshop procedure presently only will take the type of an crisis procedure. The situational winter tire obligation ends on April fifteenth.

Can I do a tire change outside?
Yes, but only alone or with home associates. Notice a 1 meter length to all other people! Far better to postpone it till later on.
How do I behave correctly when refueling?
Petrol stations may possibly maintain open, refueling is allowed. Even so, as hardly ever as feasible, but fill up totally! Preserve a distance of one meter! Pay as contactlessly as attainable! Avoid peak occasions (observe: opening moments may be shorter)!
Can I clear my vehicle in the car wash?
Need to at the moment be omitted. Coming into the customer region of ​​car washes is prohibited.
Does the breakdown support of motorist clubs function?

Indeed, they keep on to offer very first support to motorists. Nevertheless, continue being seated in the car for the duration of the support.
What about the deadlines for the “pickerl”? Are these extended?
Indeed, there is a deadline extension right up until Might 31, 2020 for punching November or December 2019 for vehicles with a 4-thirty day period tolerance period of time and for punching March or April 2020 for cars with out a tolerance time period.
I bought a new / used vehicle. Can I choose it up in the next number of times and will it be accredited?
The showrooms of the automobile dealerships are presently closed, entry would be prohibited. No matter whether a handover is feasible must be clarified straight with the dealership. By the way, the places of the registration workplaces are closed, and consumer provider is only accessible to a minimal extent for emergencies by telephone.
If I can not or do not want to use my vehicle at the minute: Can I put the liability insurance coverage / registration for my automobile on hold for a even though?
Sure, there is fundamentally the likelihood to temporarily shop the license plate for up to one particular yr. However, the registration workplaces are at the moment only offered for emergencies.

Behavior in the function of an incident